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ウェブサイトはアクセシビリティに関する技術仕様である WAI-ARIA に準拠し、アクセシビリティの高いサイトを目指しました。加えて、ニュースや新たな公演情報など、ウェブならではの情報発信機能も備えています。

Yosuke Hayashi was in charge of creating the website for the booklet that summarizes the activities of the "Work in Progress: Watching Dance with Sound," an audio guide that uses sound to assist visual information so that visually impaired people can enjoy art at KAAT (Kanagawa Arts Theatre).
The website complies with WAI-ARIA, the technical specification for accessibility, and has been designed to be highly accessible. In addition, the site is equipped with information transmission functions unique to the Web, such as news and new performance information.